New Deborah MAT polish!

Today I went to the supermarket with my mom and I found out that there were new polish from Deborah. I bought two of them (mom paid half of it! thanks mom!!) a mint green and a grayed blue. I will swatch them soon.
There is also a promotion, if you buy two polish they give you a bracelet in three different colors. The bracelet is too big for my arm so I gave it to my cat and she was really grateful!

They launched a new matte polish in 6 different colors at € 7.80.
(Aren't they a little late about matte polish?). Here you can see all the colors.
I bought No.04 in the picture above and below. It's a mint green that's a little more gray in real life.
They also released some new colors from they 7 Days Long collection (€6.50).
The colors are very summer-ish but nothing new or original. I bought No. 829. I always end up buying blue polish, I really love it!

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