Swatch: CND No. 565 Sweet

(above camera flash - below natural light)

My first CND polish and I really love it. I love the color, the formula and the brush.
The only let down is that is really similar to other two colors that I already have: ORLY Pixy Stix and basic 42. They are not identical but very similar. Below you can see a comparision.

The first time I saw Sweet was on ALU and I loved it immediately. I didn't purchase his "twin" Sugar Sparkle because I already had a KIKO polish that looked similar so here is Sweet with a layer of KIKO 228. The final look is ok but maybe in the future I will still purchase Sugar Sparkle because it seem really nice.

Here the comparion I talked about above.
As you can see the colors are similar but different.
Compared to Sweet, Pixy Stix is more peach toned and the basic polish is more darker.

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