Kpop Nails | After School's Bang! Inspired

This tutorial is inspired by the cute clothes After School wears on the cover of their new single "Bang!".

What you need: a thin brush, a dotting tool.


  • Base Coat: KIKO White strong&shiny No.05
  • White: basic No. 35
  • Red: essie - Red Nouveau
  • Black: Deborah Shine TECH No. 30
  • Gold: Deborah Shine TECH No. 21
  • Top Coat: KIKO No.03
How to:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a white polish on your ring finger and thumb. Paint the other nails with the red polish.
  3. With some gold polish draw two lines on your red fingers. Horizontally on your pinkie and index finger, diagonally on your middle finger.
  4. Fill between the gold lines with black polish.
  5. Add a black line at the bottom of your ring finger.
  6. Paint the sides of your thumb with red polish.
  7. With black polish add some "X" signs like in a corset.
  8. With a dotting tool add some gold details on your ring finger, middle finger and thumb. Let it dry and apply your top coat.

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