Celeb Nails | Hamasaki Ayumi's UNITE

This nails are inspired by the nails Ayumi has on the cover of her "UNITE" single released back in 2001.


  • Base Coat: KIKO White strong&shiny No.05
  • Gold: MEYBELLINE FOREVER STRONG No.810 "Chic Gold"
  • Light Blue: KIKO No.159
  • Glitter Blue: KIKO No.298
  • Sky Blue: KIKO No.295
  • Top Coat: KIKO No.03
How to:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a gold polish.
  3. Apply a light blue polish on 2/3 of your nail, better with glitter.
  4. Optional: Since I didn't have a glitter light blue polish I added it after.
  5. Apply a sky blue polish on 1/3 of your nail. Let it dry and apply your top coat.

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