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I wasn't going to do a mani about SISTAR's SO COOL music video because their outfits are very simple but Cheryl requested it so here it is.
This mani it's really easy but since I didn't have the right colors for Dasom (blue) and Soyu (gold) dresses I had to layer a couple of polishes, you can do the same.

Step 1: apply your base coat. Apply blue, hot pink, black, champagne and silver polishes.
{My camera isn't able to catch the right color so the pink looks red!!}
-Blue: Deborah 7 Days Long no. 765-
-Hot Pink: KIKO no. 283-
-Black: Deborah Shine TECH no. 30-
-Silver: Deborah Shine TECH no. 22-

Step 2: If needed layer another polish to obtain the right color. In my case I added a lighter blue on my pinky, an iridiscent pink on my ring finger and a sheer gold on my index finger.
On the middle finger I made a big "V" shape with silver polish.
On the thumb to achieve an effect similar to the sparkly curtains in the background of the scenography I used a silver striper and I made some casual vertical lines.
-Lighter blue: Deborah Pret a Porter no. 28-
-Iridiscent pink: KIKO no. 251-
-Sheer gold: Deborah Shine TECH no. 21-
-Silver: basic-
-Silver striper: essence no. 03-

Step 3: Start decorate each nail. Add some blue sequines on the blue nail. Draw two thick lines on the pink nail with some glitter. Add big and small sequines on the "V" shape on the middle finger. With some darker gold polish make an horizontal line in the middle of your index finger.
Apply your top coat and you're done!!
-Pink glitter: Deborah Pret a Porter no. 15-
-Dark gold: basic-

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  1. wow! thank you!!! its been always great do all the inspired mani that u've done!!With lots of love <3 :D -Cheryl-

  2. Wow... Wonderful post. I appreciated your creativity... Thanks a lot for this great sharing....

  3. Fabulous pics... Please suggest how to improve nails shine and length...

  4. I just saw this site and I now have it bookmarked. Love your tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing!