Kpop Nails | Wonder Girls' Be My Baby Inspired Nails {3 Versions}

These nails are inspired by Wonder Girls' new music video "Be My Baby".
I dind't make a tutorial because they are really simple manis with a black base and some dots.

The first mani is inspired my the balck and white outfits.
I applied Deborah Shine TECH 30 as a base and used white acrylic paint for the details.

The second mani is inspired by the colorful outfits.
I applied KIKO 306 as a base and I made the dots with white acrylic paint. When it dried I covered it with nail polish.
In the video the colors are almost neon, but I don't own neon polishes so I used normal cremes.

The third mani is my favourite one. I LOVE a black base and silver details!
The picture above is the only one I found with this outfits and they are not very clear so I just used a bit of fantasy.
For the base I used KIKO 306 because it dries opaque and I love the contrast with the silver.
For the dots I used basic [b] silver nail polish.

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  1. thank you!! i absolutely ADORE your kpop inspired nails!! <333 keep up the good work!!!