Haul: December 2011

This month haul.
I already swatched some of these polish so i will just put the links.

  • Astra Italian Romantic Colours 10 (medium blue creme, remind me of jeans)
  • Astra Italian Romantic Colours 20 (dark green shimmer with subtle gold reflex)
  • Astra Italian Romantic Colours 42 (rich red shimmer with subtle gold reflex)
The colors of the Italian Romantic Colours aren't very unique or original but since there was a promotion I grabbed a few. No.42 in the bottle looks very similar to Catrice Lovely Sinner, I will have to compare them soon.
Each Astra polish is € 3,90.

  • [b] basic NEW YORK LE 01 Central Park (dark green creme)
  • [b] basic coral (coral jelly)
  • [b] basic fuchsia (hot pink creme)
  • [b] basic pink glitter (sheer pink polish with fine silver glitter)
Again, not the most unique colors but for € 0,99 they are worth it. Also the quality is pretty good.

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3 commenti:

  1. Lovely colors! The little shopping cart is so cute!

  2. Thanks a lot! The cart is my Birthday present from my sister. It matches perfectly with my Helmer.

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