Kpop Nails | Girl's Day Yura 'Darling' Inspired Nails

A 14 years old web designer from Kairouan, Tunisia. And then you write some more information about yourself like this to fill out the space that is left.

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  1. Omg, it's very cute! Hi Lisa, I'm Nicolle from Brazil and since I've discovered your blog, I loved it! I made every Girl's Day mani in my nails and if you wanna know, I received too many complitments! I love your inspired nails and also love your "reviews" of the nail polishes, haha. I'm currently using the Hyeri's nails from Female President ~again~ because I love her, love her nails and love your naisl too! Keep working hard here and in your exams! Since we have the same age I know what you meaning, hahaha ~ Thank you very much, Lisa! ♥