Kpop Nails | Hyuna 'RED' Inspired Nails

A 14 years old web designer from Kairouan, Tunisia. And then you write some more information about yourself like this to fill out the space that is left.

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  1. Hey Lisa! It's Nicolle from the Yura's Darling post, hahaha
    Well, can I ask you to do a nail art inspired in My Copycat, the Orange Caramel's video? ;-;
    I wanna ask you another thing too... Did you have 14 or 25 years? Hahaha since you also have a tumblr, I am confused, sorry!
    But it's alright, I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this to you, so if you don't read, ok. But if you read this, I'd be happier c:
    Thank you very much ♡