Swatch: Deborah 7 Days Long No. 837

This polish is part of a new serie of Deborah polishes called "Water Ice Colors".
There are a total of five colors: orange, red, green, fuchsia and purple. All the colors were really nice but this color really catched my eyes. In real life it's a bit more bright than in my pictures!

The formula is a bit tricky since it's watery and goes everywhere. Also I ended up with a horrible brush so the application was really a pain.
Since the formula is so watery it's also really sheer. The pictures are two coats and there is still VNL.

The finish is really nice, with small flakies similar to the MIRROR GLOW series, I think the best option is to use this polish for layering. In the last picture I applied two coats of KIKO 297 and a coat of Deborah 837.

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