This is a little experiment I made a few days ago.
I wanted to see if I could use paper to decorate my nails. Well, the answer is YES!!
I used very thin paper to make the circles.

What you need: thin paper, a thin brush.



  • Base Coat: Debby nail THERAPY smoothing base + minerals
  • Light Blue: KIKO No. 159
  • Yellow: RIVEEL No. 190
  • Lilac: DEBORAH 7 Days Long No. 827
  • Green: DEBORAH 7 Days Long No. 793
  • Pink: RIMMEL 60 Seconds Vinyl Stars No. 633 STARLIGHT
  • Silver: DEBORAH Shine TECH No. 22
  • Silver Glitter: RIVEEL No. 131
  • Top Coat: KIKO Extra strong & hard No.04

How to:
  1. 02b Apply your base coat.
  2. 03b Apply two coats of white polish.
  3. 04b Cut a few circles of paper and, with a clear polish, apply them on your nails. Be sure to make them stick perfectly to your nail.
  4. 06 This is the result after I made all my nails. I already liked it like this but I wanted to give them a glitter touch.
  5. 05b I added a few lines of polish of the same color of the circles and a few lines of silver polish. On the circles I added some silver glitter. When everything was perfectly dry I applied my top coat.

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