Here is FINALLY my Halloween inspired nail art.
There are four types of nail art in this tutorial, you can make it on only one nail or on all the nails!!
What you need: a brush, a sponge.
Colors: I used halloween colors like orange, purple, blue, black and white. For some decoration I also used a glitter silver polish.
How to: TYPE A "Jack-o-Lantern"
  1. A 01b Apply a orange polish. I used two coats here.
  2. A 02b With a dark green polish draw a little leaf at the base of your nail.
  3. A 03b With the thin brush and a black polish draw the face of the Jack-o-Lantern.
  4. A 04b I added some glitter on the eyes.
How to: TYPE B "Stripes"
  1. B 01b Apply a white polish. I used two coats.
  2. B 02b Draw a diagonal tip with a orange polish.
  3. B 03b Apply the purple polish over the orange one.
  4. B 04b Here I added a third color: a blue with a violet reflex. (I used RIMMEL 60 Seconds No. 809 BLUE ME AWAY from the new collection, I also bought No. 819 GREEN WITH ENVY and No. 430 CORALICIOUS, they are all wonderful especially CORALICIOUS!)
  5. B 05b With the glitter polish and the thin brush I added some lines between the colors to make them stand out more.
How to: TYPE C "Ghost"
  1. C 01b I used a blue polish with violet reflex.
  2. C 02b I cut a "ghost shape" in a piece of paper and put it on the nail with some tape.
  3. C 03b With a sponge and some white polish I made the little ghost.
  4. C 04b Draw eyes and mouth whit a thin brush and black polish.
  5. C 05b In the end I've added some glitter only on the blue polish.
How to: TYPE D "Little Monsters"
  1. D 01b Apply a white polish. I used two coats.
  2. D 02b With a sponge make some "stains" with orange and purple polishes.
  3. D 03b With the thin brush and the black polish draw the faces of the monsters. I also added a star.
  4. D 04b Make some details with the glitter polish.
Here is the final result.

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