In the past weeks I was able to put my hands on some new (for me) brands of polish.

Finally I own a ZOYA polish.
I was visiting my best friend that doesn't live near me and while walking on a shopping mall my sister saw a stand of polish and told me about it.
To my great surpise there was a huge column of ZOYA polishes in front of me.
They were really expensive, €14, but after a lot of toughts I decided to buy JO, a beautiful periwinkle shimmer polish.

On Christmas Eve I also visited an AVON shop and obviously went to the nail polish department first.

There were a few left and the Matte polish were half the price, €5.50, so I bought Red Velvet and Violet.
I also bought a fresh aloe cuticle gel, who was €5.50 too. I will tell you how it works.

As always swatches coming soon!

I know I'm a little late on the essence and Catrice swatch but I'm working on it!!

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