Christmas Nails | HOLLY FRENCH

First Christmas nail art of the year.

*sorry for the bad lighting*

How to:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a sheer polish with a gold shimmer. If you don't have something similar you can use a nude/beige polish. AVOID pink.
  3. With a red polish paint your tip.
  4. With a gold polish and a thin brush draw a line below the red tip.
  5. I think it's already pretty like this so if you like simple manicure you can stop here.
  6. With a dark green acrilic paint draw the leaves of the holly. If you don't have acrilic paint you can use green nail polish.
  7. Put a drop of top coat between the leaves and apply two or three red sequins to make the berries of the holly. If you don't have sequins you can use red rhinestones or a dot of red polish.
  8. This is optional but you can add some green glitter on the leaves. Apply your top caot and you're done!

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