polish rainbow + kitty + future haul

A few days ago I was organizing my stash and decided to play a bit and divided my nail polish in color groups. I also took a pic of my "KIKO rainbow"!!

In the end I attracted a little devil with all of the commotion I was making!!
She is a new member of our family. Two weeks ago my sister found her under the rain and took her home. She wasn't supposed to stay with us but her adorable face made the whole family fall in love. She still dosn't have a name, any suggestions?

Also I'm super happy because I was able to find some new brands of polish.
Finally I can buy Essence, Catrice and Sinful Colors in my town! Incredible!!
I obviously took home all I could and I will soon show you the pics. Can't wait!

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2 commenti:

  1. Wow you have so many Kiko's! <3

  2. They have a lot of lovely colors and they were the first in Italy to release strange colors like green, blue and yellow!!