Kpop Nails | Seo In Young's Into The Rhythm Nails {fun, cute and over-the-top!}

Seo In Young (서인영) is a Korean singer famous for her powerful voice and for being a fashionista.
In the video of her latest song "Into The Rhythm (리듬속으로)" she has two different nails designs that you can see below.
I didn't replicate her nails because they are really complicated, instead I took inspiration from her amazing outfits. I really like how the video starts with a total black & white concept and then explodes with every color in the world!

The first nails that she wears are black and white to match the bicolor theme of the video.
I call these the "Chess Nails".

After the color explosion in the video she is wearing more colorful nails. A white base with a lot of little designs like stars, hearts and a crown so I call these the "Princess Nails".

This is my favorite outfit in the video. I love the color combo and I also really like the result on my nails.

On the thumb and ring finger I made a gradient french with an orange creme polish as a base and two glitter orange polish.
On the other nails I applied a blue base and added some silver details.


Second favorite outfit. I have to admit that I love almost everything she wears in this video.

On the pinky and ring finger I applied a red creme polish and added some silver dots.
On the thumb and index finger I applied a sheer white polish and with a white striper added the details. The middle finger is divided in half.


This is absolutely not my usual color range but it was fun try to make something out of the ordinary for me.
This design is pretty simple.

I used a fluo pink base and then added a white french. I painted half of the white with black polish and the other half with fluo yellow polish.


This is a totally fun and over-the-top nail art but it was really fun to make.

I used cake decorations and added them over a red base. As a finishing touch I applied a LOT of top coat (if you have it use Seche Vite, it's more thick).

If you're wondering how much it will last I tell you that I slept with it and it didn't ruin too much.
The trick is to not get your hands wet or the sugar will melt where the top coat didn't reach!!

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  1. Those are all super cute! I especially like the sprinkle nails. :)

  2. ooh! all of those are sooo awesome!! :)

  3. The sprinkle ones are really cool :O I just would've drawn them, since I do t want my nail art dissolving off lol. I can't find a sheer white... I think I'll just mix a white and clear together.