Swatch: LAYLA Ceramic Effect No.24

This Ceramic Effect polishes are not available in shops near my home.
I was able to buy them because they were free samples with a magazine.
The magazine was just €1.70 and since this polishes are usually €7.60 it was an amazing deal.
There were three colors available and I'm going to show you all of them.

This is no.24 called Verde Acquarello / Green Watercolor.
This is a light aqua color with gold shimmer.
I have to say that this is my least favorite color out of the three.
I really liked it in the bottle but on the nails it looked boring, probably it doesn't go well with my skintone.
It's also very sheer and it needs at least three coat. (In the pictures I made two and there is VNL).

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  1. È molto bello questo smalto azzurro! Mi pento di aver preso solamente quello fango.
    (Me lo farò prestare da un'amica XP ...)