Kpop Nails | 2NE1's Can't Nobody Inspired Nails

These nails are inspired by 2NE1's outfits in the music video "Can't Nobody".
I absolutely love these nails. They are really eye-catching and super easy to do!!
My mom called these the "Power Rangers" nails and I think it's quite appropriate!

Step 1: apply your base coat and a coat of white polish.
-White: basic no. 35-

Step 2: I used some stripers and made the shapes. Try to make them different on each nail.
If you don't have the stripers of the colors you need you can use normal nail polish and a thin brush. I did that with the orange and you can't see the difference.
These are the color combinations for each member:
Dara: orange-light blue/turquoise;
Minzy: red-silver;
CL: fuchsia-blue;
Bom: purple/indigo-yellow/gold;

Step 3: over each color I applied some glitter of the same color.

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