OMG! Deborah - Prèt à Porter

OMG! I can't believe I found these!
I knew Deborah released a Limited Edition called Prèt à Porter, but I couldn't find it anywhere.
The other day I went to the supermarket with my mom and found them. I never expected to find them there, I didn't even hope about it because usually it takes months before the new arrivals are available.
Luckily, it seems my supermarket is starting to get more and more Deborah nail polishes. In the past month I bought only Deborah polish.

But now let's see these beauties!
There's a total of 40 new colors and you can see them on their official site.
The bottle is 4,5 ml and it's €3.90.

I bought the above six.
I swatched them very quickly so my impressions might change when I swatch them properly!

-no. 22 flip flop green: in the bottle it looks lime green, on the nails it's totally yellow. It's a nice summer color. The finish is creme.
-no.23 it's evergreen: in the bottle this color remind me of a swamp. On the nails it's a beautiful shimmer green that reflects a lot of light. Super pretty.
-no.26 stardust: how can I describe such a color? it's a light blue polish with silver shimmer. The finish is almost foil. It's definetely eye-catching and my mom already tried it on her feet.

-no.13 love at first sight: in the bottle this color is super pretty but when I tried it on my nails I was bit disappointed. It's sheer and the glitter is too big. When it dries it's rough and not shiny.
-no.31 ballerina tutu: I'm very satisfied with this polish because I was searching for a baby pink polish for ages and always failed to find the hue I wanted. This is perfect.
-no.34 '70 grape sweater: I really like this color but I'm not sure about the finish. It's a sheer creme, almost jelly. I hope that with a few coats it will get better.

If you have the chance to buy these polishes I recommend you Stardust, It's Evergreen and Ballerina Tutu, these are my favorites for now!

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  1. So great! I was fortunate to swap for one of the Pret a Porter colors. I didn't realize there were 40 colors in the collection, though--wow!