Swatch: Deborah Pret a Porter 2

My last three Pret a Porter polishes.

  • Name: Golden Sultan
  • Number: 04
  • Color: gold, copper
  • Finish: shimmer
  • Coats: 2
I really like this color, it'll probabbly look even better with a tan!

  • Name: Sombrero Tan
  • Number: 19
  • Color: orange
  • Finish: creme
  • Coats: 2
I'm in love with this color! I already wore it as a full mani and it's super pretty. It's a summer-ish and unusual color but it's not too bright!

  • Name: Celestial Sky
  • Number: 28
  • Color: medium blue
  • Finish: shimmer
  • Coats: 2
This blue polish has a wonderful light blue shimmer with a bit of silver glitter, it's really pretty!

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