Swatch: Deborah Pret a Porter

Here the swatches of my Pret a Porter polishes.
I bought other three today and I still have to swatch them so I will post them later!

  • Name: Ivory Affair
  • Number: 11
  • Color: ivory, milky white
  • Finish: shimmer, pearl
  • Coats: 2
This polish was a bit streaky and that's a shame because I really like this color.

  • Name: Love At First Sight
  • Number: 13
  • Color: bright pink
  • Finish: glitter
  • Coats: 2
The color in the first picture is not accurate so I added a second one more true to the original.
This polish looked amazing in the bottle, but once applied it's a total failure.
It's really sheer and watery, and when it dries the glitter makes it all rough and not shiny. I don't like it!

  • Name: Flip Flop Green
  • Number: 22
  • Color: yellow
  • Finish: creme
  • Coats: 3
In the bottle this polish looks neon green but on the nails it's totally yellow. It's still pretty even if a bit too sheer.

  • Name: It's Evergreen
  • Number: 23
  • Color: medium green
  • Finish: shimmer
  • Coats: 2
This color was a really surprise. It's a beautiful medium green with a lot of gold shimmer. I really like it.

  • Name: Stardust
  • Number: 26
  • Color: light blue
  • Finish: foil
  • Coats: 2
Stardust is definitely the best between the Pret a Porter polish that I own. It's a bit sheer but with three coats you should achieve nice coverage. They should have named it "mermaid"!!

  • Name: Ballerina Tutu
  • Number: 31
  • Color: baby pink
  • Finish: creme
  • Coats: 2
I already mentioned this before but I am totally in love with Ballerina Tutu. I searched for a nice baby pink polish for ages and finally found it. So perfect!

  • Name: '70 Grape Sweater
  • Number: 34
  • Color: blurple
  • Finish: creme, almost jelly
  • Coats: 3
I was disappointed with this color because it's sheer, but if you make more than two coats it gets dark and blue, you can't even tell it's purple.

  • Name: Rainbow Blazer
  • Number: 07
  • Color: brown
  • Finish: shimmer
  • Coats: 3
This color is really amazing in the bottle but it loses a lot of shimmer on the nails. Still, you can definitely see the green shimmer. Rainbow Blazer reminded me of a bettle so I made some "beetle nails" and you can see them below.

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