Catrice - Gold Leaf Top Coat

Gold Leaf Top Coat is part of the spectaculART limited edition.

This top coat has a clear base with fine gold glitter and exagonal champagne glitter. The name is very misleading, the gold color is very pale, almost silver, and there's no sign of gold leaf. It's just another gold glitter polish and I have other three like this one. The formula is good and the glitter is easily applied.

In the pictures I layered it over Catrice Soulful and Catrice Goldfinger.
  • Brand: Catrice
  • Name: Gold Leaf Top Coat
  • Number: //
  • Limited Edition: spectaculART
  • Color: clear, gold
  • Finish: glitter
  • Coats: 2
  • Price: € 2.79 




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