Anna Karenina Inspired Nails

A few days ago I saw the new movie "Anna Karenina". I liked the movie but I totally loved the costumes, I knew I had to make a nail art inspired by them.

This mani is quite easy and of great effect.


I used a light grey as a base (LAYLA 152) and made a french with a darker grey (essence 143 I'm The Boss!).
I added some gold dots (KIKO 307).

ring finger

I made an half moon french with a rich burgundy color (AVON Red Velvet). When it dried I added two row of micropearls and a lot of top coat.

middle finger

I painted a white base (essence 68 Perfectly True). After it dried I added a gold stud and some gold dots (KIKO 307) in a "V" shape.


I made an half moon french with a dark burgundy color, almost black (L'Oreal Resist&Shine502). When it dried I added three silver lines with a striper (essence 03 Silver Surfer) and some clear rhinetones.


I made a dark grey base (essence 143 I'm The Boss!). After it dried I added a diagonal stripe with a burgundy color (AVON Red Velvet) and a gold stud.


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