Celeb Nails | 2NE1's Falling In Love

I recreated the nails 2NE1 (except CL) have in their latest music video "Falling In Love".

CL's nails are a simple light blue colour.

Bom's nails are white and silver, with a lot of rhinestones and sequines.

Dara's nails are my favourite. She has green, red and yellow nails with a tribal pattern on her middle finger.

 Minzy's nails are half moons with a leopard print on two of them and an accent nail full of rhinestones.
I didn't use rhinestones because I personally prefer sequines.

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5 commenti:

  1. I like Dara's nails. Really cool.

  2. These are super cute! I am so glad that you recreated them! I can't wait to try out Minzy's nail look! ^^

  3. Dara's nail art looks simple to do :D <3

  4. Super cute! I was looking at their nails the whole time in the music video too~ haha

    1. Me too! I always get distracted by the nails in the videos!