Haul: Drugstore and e-tailer

The other day I was shopping with my mum and little sister. I drag them to a drugstore (it's a Swiss drugstore with a strange name that I don't remember). Here they have more common brands like Rimmel, Maybelline, Deborah and Debby but they also have this Basic polishes that I don't find anywhere else. This polishes are really cheap. The small ones are €0.99 and the big ones are €1.99. Super cheap! The only bad thing is that the small ones have more interesting colors but the bottles are so small that after a mani it's almost empty and unfortunately there aren't always two bottles of the same color.
The polishes above aren't colors that I'm usually fond of but these where appealing! I'm swatching them and I will soon post about them!

The day after my mini drugstore haul, the postman brought me this wonderful box full of goodies.
In the picture above there is my first order from TransDesign.com. This site is great because it has a lot of different brands. At other site sites you can easily bought OPI and China Glaze (even if some of this sites ship China Glaze polishes only within US territory) but I didn't find another site with a lot of brands like TransDesign. There are also a lot of nice things for nail art. I will show more in detail what I bought with swatches and reviews in the future!
The thing I didn't like about TransDesign was the shipping fees. They were really expensive, 1/3 of what I paid was for shipping fees. I didn't like it but later I find out that if you order a maximum of 9 bottles of polish you pay only $ 18 because there are prepackaged boxes. Well, next time I will make a smaller order. I was really satisfied with all the other aspects. The box took only 11 days to arrive and was perfectly packed! The polishes where packed at groups of three in cute China Glaze or Orly boxes with a lot of polystyrene in between. It took me half an hour to open the whole box and take out all the goodies. I wanted it to last the longer possible. I was so excited to hold my first ever bottle of OPI and China Glaze!! It was like I was holding the Holy Grail...
I also ordered China Glaze Calypso Blue but was out of stock so it will have to wait another order.
I will update the blog soon with my new polishes!!

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  1. Parliamo forse di Schlecker? ;)

  2. Si esattamente! Recentemente hanno anche cominciato a tenere la essence!