KIKO Out of this World Collection: Galactic Nail Lacquer Limited Edition

The "Out of this World" collection is a limited edition release for the 2009 holidays.

In this collection there are three new shades of polish with reflecting macro-pearl. The original price was €4.50 but now they are out at €3.90 like the other KIKO polishes.

KIKO official site says that this polishes have a hardening action to visibly improve the appearance of fragile and thin nails.

The new colors are 276 Extraterrestrial Coral, 277 Interplanetary Red and 278 Constellation Purple.

276 Extraterrestrial Coral

(above camera flash - below natural light)

This is a wonderful color. I love corals a lot and absolutely love this one. The glitter is amazing. The base is actually very sheer but the glitter covers it perfectly. This are two cats.

277 Interplanetary Red

(above camera flash - below natural light)
This is my favorite color of the collection. I don't like reds but this has a lot of pink/purple reflex so it's not exactely red. Like the coral one, the base is sheer but the glitter is amazing.

278 Constellation Purple

(above camera flash - below natural light)
This is my least favorite. Like the other two the base is sheer but I didn't like the glitter that much. Well, It's still a nice color.

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