(above camera flash - below natural light)

This polish is one of the best polish I have.
OPI made a great job with the SUEDE collection.
The finish is really good and it catch a lot of attention! I was at the supermarket with this polish on and a lot of people were watching it!
I read in a lot of blog that this polish chip really fast but for me it wasn't a problem. I wore ir for three days and it didn't chip at all. I also washed my hair, thing that usually kills all my manicure, but Russian Navy Suede resisted well, just minor tipwear.
I applied a basecoat and let it dry very well and didn't have any trouble with the application. On my right thumb I had to redo the nail three times because I didn't let dry enough the base so in the end I didn't apply a basecoat on the thumb and it didn't stain so if you want you can also not apply a basecoat.

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