Welcome to Japanese nails!

If you read the "About Me" page you know how much I love Asia and especially Japan.
My passion for nails come from tons of Japanese music videos and magazines with gorgeous nails!
So I thought why not share this amazing nails with all the other nails lovers, maybe they can find something that they like and take ispiration from them. I often take ispiration for my nail art tutorials from these magazines.

The most famous and popular Japanese nails mags are Nail Max, Nail Up!, Nail Venus but there are a lot of others.
If you are interested in the whole issue of these mags or other Japanese magazines you can find them in this community.

Glamorous is a fashion magazine that I really like. In the March issue at the end there was a special Risa Nail Book (Risa is one of the models of Glamorous). This are a few pages that I liked. Maybe you will see some of these on my nails in the future!

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