Swatch: Deborah 7 Days Long MIRROR GLOW No. 153

(above camera flash - below natural light)

This polish is really a little jewel in my collection.
It was a gift I got from my mom for passing an exam and it came in a heart shaped box with a lipstick of the same color.
It took me a few months before actually wear it and was love at first sight and you know why...?! It has FLAKIES!!!!! It's my first time with flakies and I didn't even notice them in the bottle.
It's a very deep purple with a magenta reflex and small silver flakies! I can't say how much I love it!
The only small problem is that it isn't very shiny when dry but that's nothing that a top coat can't resolve!
I really hoped that the whole MIRROR GLOW collection was flakies polish but unfortunately I only saw another one with flakies, the others are all shimmer. I have another color from the MIRROR GLOW collection that I'm going to present you in a few minutes.

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