Last week end I went in town and came home with these little goodies.

Since KIKO is having a promotion and all the polishes are €1.90 I bought home:
  • 280 Arancione
  • 298 Turchese Microglitter
  • 299 Verde Ardesia Scuro Perlato
I also totally accidentaly found out some new brands of polish:
  • Astra no.122 (€3.50)
  • Astra no.120 (€3.50)
  • Wet 'n' Wild Dream Black Metallic (€3.99)
  • Miss Sporty no.140 (€2.99)
I read a lot about Astra polishes but it was my first time seeing them.
About the Wet 'n' Wild I was very surprised because I didn't expect to find them in Italy. Unfortunately there wasn't a very large variety of color.
The las tone is from the brand Miss Sporty. This brand is intended for young girls so it's very cheap and the color are basic, mostly pink, peach and nudes.

Well, I still have some polish from the TransDesign order to swatch but after that I will swatch this babies!

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