Mini KIKO Haul

Another mini haul, from KIKO this time. Since KIKO polishes are now €1.90 instead of €3.90 I'm taking advantage of this and buying all the colors that I wanted before, even if I have to say that at this point I bought almost everything that catched my eyes.
I have 32 KIKO polishes at the moment on a total of 105 shades available but a lot of color are extremely close to each others and there isn't a large variety of finishes (basically just cremes, shimmers and glitters).
Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to swatch these and the ones from yesterday if it's sunny. I also have some swatches of other KIKO polishes in my hard disk but I still have to edit the pics so you will see them in the next few days. I'm trying to swatch all of my KIKO polishes but they are a lot...

The following pics are from my lovely sister. She just recently started to love nail polish and stopped biting her nails.
This afternoon she put on ORLY Pixy Stix and proudly went shopping.
Then she asked me to konad her thumbs with CG Awaken and plate m3.

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