Kpop Nails | Girls' Generation's Jessica

These nails are inspired by the picture above of Girls' Generation's Jessica.
They are really easy to realize, you just need to sponge a bit of glitter on the tips to have an eye-catching result.

Step 1: apply your base coat and a grey creme polish.
-grey: LAYLA 152-

Step 2: sponge a grey shimmer polish on your tips.
-grey shimmer: Catherine Arley 104-

Step 3: sponge a multi-colored glitter on your tips.
This step is optional since you will hardly see the difference, but I think it adds a bit of depth.
-glitter: KIKO 230-

Step 4: sponge on your tips a blue and purple glitter. Fade it well.
-blue and purple glitter: essence twins 08 Troy-

Step 5: add big square purple glitter. Apply your top coat.
-square purple glitter: essence twins 01 Louise-

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