Pastel Snowflakes

The moment I saw this picture I wanted to make these nails.
They came out pretty good. The lines are a bit messy but in real life it's not very noticeable.

Step 1: apply your base coat. Paint your nails with baby pink and baby blue polish.
-baby pink: Deborah Pret a Porter 31 Ballerina Tutu-
-baby blue: KIKO 159-

Step 2: use white acrylic paint to draw the basic shape of your snowflakes. Try to keep the lines thin.

Step 3: add more details to the snowflakes. Make them a bit different from each other.
(on my ring finger I added a bit of silver but that's the next step, sorry!)

Step 4: use a silver striper to add a bit of sparkle to the snowflakes. I added it only to the bigger snowflakes but you can add it to everyone of them.

Step 5: add a fine silver glitter. I used KIKO 228 on the whole nail and KIKO 273 over the small snowflakes.
-fine silver glitter: KIKO 228-
-silver glitter: KIKO 273-

Step 6: add iridiscent sequines and rhinestones to your liking. Apply your top coat.

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4 commenti:

  1. beautiful! i totally love this =)

  2. ma sono bellissime!!! Io devo ancora provare a disegnare dei fiocchi di neve, per ora mi sono limitata ad applicare semplicemente degli sticker!!!

  3. All'inizio non credevo sarebbero riusciti così bene, devo ammetterlo! Ma è più facile di quel che sembra!

  4. ohhh wow! Those are so beautiful!! Such inspiration ♥