Haul: November 2011

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of updates but my PC died and I just got it back!
That's why this post is a bit late!

I decided to make a monthly haul post mostly because I don't post swatches often. So if you are interested in a specific nail polish I will post those swatches first.

Now let's see the polishes:

  • essence Vampire's Love 04 THE DAWN IS BROKEN (light grey with silver and dark blue shimmer)
  • essence Vampire's Love 02 INTO THE DARK (greyish blue with silver shimmer)
  • essence Vampire's Love 03 TRUE LOVE (purple shimmer with a "velvet-like" finish)
  • essence Vampire's Love 05 HUNT ME IF YOU CAN (black with subtle silver shimmer)
All of these are two coats with top coat. My favorites are the grey and blue together. At the end of the post there are some pictures of a mani with these colors. I also love the purple one, it's elegant and warm, perfect color for the winter. Each polish costs € 1.99.

  • essence colour&go 50 IRREPLACEABLE (nude with gold shimmer)
  • essence colour&go 80 ICY PRINCESS (silver foil, dupe of ZOYA Trixie)
  • essence TWINS 02 JULIA (multisized silver glitter in a clear base)
  • essence TWINS 07 CHUCK (medium blue creme)
All of these are two coats. I like all of these colors because they are unique in my collection.
The colour&go polishes are € 1.29 and the twins are €1.99 each.

  • B BasicBeauty 103 (green foil with a bit of gold)
  • KIKO 346 VERDONE CHIARO (greish green creme)
  • KIKO 339 FIORDALISO (cornflower creme)
  • Sinful Colors 931 SEE YOU SOON (dark blue with turquoise shimmer)
B BasicBeauty is a cosmetic brand from Limoni. The green polish I bought is really pretty but a bit sheer. I made three coats in the picture. The price is € 3.99.
KIKO 339 is really sheer, in the picture I made three coats. Each KIKO polish is € 3.90.
SEE YOU SOON is pretty in the bottle but it looses a lot of shimmer on the nails. It costs € 4.90.

  • Sephora 68 DIVING IN MALAYSIA (gold shimmer with green and purple reflex, dupe of CHANEL Peridot)
  • Debby ColorPlay 112 (antique rose with gold shimmer)
  • Catrice 430 PURPLELIZED (dark purple with silver shimmer)
I don't think I need to talk about DIVING IN MALAYSIA, it's super famous. It costs € 5.50.
The Debby polish is a little jewel. It has a lot of gold shimmer, almost flecks and for only € 4.90.
PURPLELIZED doesn't look much in the bottle but on the nails it's amazing. It costs € 2.79.

  • Deborah Shine TECH Magnetic 64 MAGNETIC COOL GREY (metallic silver with magnetic effect)
  • Deborah Pret a Porter Cracking Top Coat 03 PEARLY SILVER (silver cracking top coat)
  • Deborah Pret a Porter Cracking Top Coat 05 PEARLY VIOLET (purple cracking top coat)
  • Deborah Pret a Porter 25 EMERALD BIJOUX (green shimmer with a bit of purple)
I like the Deborah magnetic polish, they work well. This one is a bit sheer but with two coats it's perfect. Each magnetic polish is € 7.90 but I bought it on sale for € 5.80.
The pearly cracking top coats are beautiful. I had a bit of problems with the silver one but maybe it's just because the base wasn't perfectly dry.
Emerald Bijoux is a pretty green shimmer with a bit of purple, almost duochrome. Each Pret a Porter polish is € 3.90.

Here it's a mani I made with the Vampire's Love polishes. I love this color combination.

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  1. Great buys, I love those Deborah and Kikos the most!