Easter Confetti

This is a super easy and quick Easter mani, just some dotting and voilà!

Step 1: apply your base coat and a white base color. It doesn't have to be opaque because we are going to cover most of it.
-white: Sinful Colors 563 Bubbly-

Step 2: start dotting with a light orange color.
-orange: Deborah Pret a Porter 19 Sombrero Tan-

Step 3: add some light green dots.
-green: Odille 33-

Step 4: add some light yellow dots.
-yellow: LAYLA 101-

Step 5: add some baby pink dots.
-pink: Deborah Pret a Porter 31 Ballerina Tutu-

Step 6: add some baby blue dots.
When all the dots are dry apply your top coat.
-baby blue: KIKO 159-

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  1. nooo questa mi piace da morire!!! bellisssima, colorata allegra!!!!! <3 <3 <3