KIKO - Pearly Peacock & Pearly Siren

The new KIKO Limited Edition is "colours in the world".
There are 10 new shades and I bought two of them:
 423 Pearly Peacock and 424 Pearly Siren.

Pearly Peacock is a green foil polish, very bright and shiny. The color is less teal and more green in real life (impossible to capture).
It has the same formula and finish of the polishes in the "out of this world" collection.

I LOVE this polish, the color, the formula, the finish!

  • Brand: KIKO
  • Name: Pearly Peacock
  • Number: 423
  • Limited Edition: Colours in the world
  • Color: green
  • Finish: foil
  • Coats: 2
  • Price: € 4.90


Pearly Siren is a medium blue polish with a purple shimmer that makes it look indigo. The formula is good, it takes two thick coats to opacity but three are even better.

  • Brand: KIKO
  • Name: Pearly Siren
  • Number: 424
  • Limited Edition: Colours in the world
  • Color: blue
  • Finish: shimmer
  • Coats: 2/3
  • Price: € 4.90


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