Kpop Nails - NINE MUSES' Dolls

I didn't have time to make a tutorial for this mani but it's so simple I don't think it's needed.
I used:
  • base coat
  • pinky: yellow (LAYLA 101) + turquoise (KIKO 344)
  • ring finger: grey (LAYLA 152) + acrylic paint
  • middle finger: pink (ORLY Pixy Stix) + glitter (KIKO 230)
  • index: white (Deborah Pret a Porter 01 French Manicure) + purple (Deborah Pret a Porter 34 '70 Grape Sweater)
  • thumb: light blue (ORLY Snowcone) + acrylic paint
  • top coat



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