May Haul

Yesterday I finished my exams so from today I'm totally free and I can finally update my blog! I have a lot of ideas so stay tuned!

Today I want to share with you my May haul. I wanted to post it a few weeks ago but I couldn't find the time, better late than never!

  • Catrice - 35 Petrolpolitan
  • essence - 03 Grunge Me Tender (Floral Grunge LE)
  • essence nail effect powder 01 I'm The Moss & 02 Mission Flower
  • essence nail art magnet pen
  • Catrice - C02 Sugar Shock (Candy Shock LE)
  • Catrice - C04 Vanilla Love (Candy Shock LE)
  • L'Oreal - 910 Gold Carat
  • L'Oreal - 916 Confettis
  • mi-ny - 2 Colors Party (Shock Collection)
The Nail Polish

Petrolpolitan is a dark green polish with a lot of iridiscent shimmer

Grunge Me Tender is a mint polish with a subtle shimmer. The finish is supposed to be "suede" but it's just matte. It needs 2/3 coats for opacity but the color is really pretty and the finish is nice. When dry the shimmer isn't noticeable.

Sugar Shock are pink micropearls. The pearls are really tiny and the bottle has a small opening so when you pour them only a few come out. I can't wait to try them!

Vanilla Love is a light yellow creme with a subtle shimmer. I don't think the shimmer will be visible on the nails but who knows!
I'm not a fan of yellow polish but I don't own a similar shade so I had to but it.
My mom call this color "the anemic chick" and I think it's perfect for this shade.

Gold Carat is a glitter top coat. It has fine regular sized gold glitter in a clear base. The glitter is pretty dense.

Confettis is another glitter top coat. Most of you probably already know it because it's really popular and I can totally see why. This polish is super pretty!
Confettis has white and black glitter in different sizes and a really subtle shimmer. It looks really good layered over pastel polishes.

Colors Party is a jewel. It has red, blue and silver glitter in different sizes in a clear base. The glitter is really dense so I tried to wear it alone, after three coats the nail line was still visible but not too much. Of course it's a pain to remove so I used a peel-off base coat. Love it!

The Powders

I bought both colors available because I never tried the "fluffy nails" and I'm super curious.

The Magnet Pen

This pen is a magnet that allow you to draw on magnetic nail polish. I'm a bit skeptical about it but if it works I'm going to have a lot of fun with it!

That's all for this month!

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