Basic Beauty - 10PE

This polish is one of those jewels you stumble upon.
I was totally shopping for something else when I passed by Limoni and decided to take a look. I browsed their polishes and found 10PE. When it was time to pay I found out it was on sale at only €1.00, great!

(please forgive my awful cuticles, I didn't notice they were so ugly until I was editing the pictures. These past few days have been really hectic!)

I absolutely love this polish. I already wore it three times as a full mani.

10PE is a silver, almost platinum, shimmer polish that dries matte.
Thanks to the shimmer the final look is lovely and not dull.

In the pictures I applied three coats for perfect coverage but you can also do two thick coats.
The formula is really good and it dries quickly.

 Here I applied a top coat.

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