Rosy Romeo

  Lately I'm wearing a lot of nude/pink shades, maybe I'm feeling the spring coming, even if here the weather is really awful.

The base colour of this look is essence Rosy In Love from the Love Letters LE, a pretty pastel pink. Then I added a layer of KLEANCOLOR I Do, Romeo, a clear polish with white matte hexagonal glitter in different sizes. The formula of I Do, Romeo isn't the best: is very thick and the glitter is hard to spread evenly, but I really like this polish so I can overlook that.
For a softer look I added a layer of matte top coat, I used essie Matte About You.

This mani was very popular at school, even one of my school teacher asked me how I did it.
Unfortunately it didn't last long, after a day it started to crack (as you can see in the picture below). I don't know if it's the thick KLEANCOLOR polish or the matte top coat but it chipped after two days.

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  1. Wohoo that matte polish <3 Looks really cool! Hihi I'm in love with nudes and pinks too, just too bad that I didn't bought Rosy In Love :( Doubt that it's still available