REVLON Parfumerie™ Wintermint and Ginger Melon

I recently found the new REVLON Parfumerie™ Scented Nail Enamels and I fell in love. The bottles are super cute and scented nail polish is always fun to me!
In Italy you can find them in Coin Stores for €5.90.

The first one I bought is 040 Wintermint

Wintermint is a metallic seafoam polish with gold shimmer and small turquoise glitter.
It's really similar to Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Dream.

In the pictures I applied three coats for full opacity, but you can also layer it.
The quality is really good. I wore it for five days without top coat and it had only minor tipwear.
Since it's a glitter polish it dries a bit rough, so I suggest a top coat.

The scent is mint, as you can tell from the name, and I really like it.  It wasn't too strong and lasted for two/three days.

The second polish I bought is 015 Ginger Melon.

Ginger Melon is a bright pink creme, perfect spring colour.

Two coats in the pictures. Since it's a creme polish and not glitter it lasts a bit less than Wintermint but the quality is still good.

From the name I expected a fruity scent, actually it's a very sweet smell like candies. It's a bit strong so if you're sensible to scents this polish is not for you.

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  1. Ginger Melon is so beautiful! I saw some of these on the internet already. Too bad they don't sell it in germany :(