KIKO - Luxurious Indigo (+ possible dupe)

Today I'm showing you a nail polish from the new KIKO collection "Life in Rio".
The polish is 474 Luxurious Indigo.

This polish has a sheer blue base with a purple shimmer. In real life the shimmer is very strong and visible.

Three coats in the pictures.

In direct sunlight

Over a black base

This polish is super pretty and I really like it.
Unfortunately after I came home I noticed it looked a lot like another KIKO nail polish in my collection: 424 Pearly Siren.

Pearly Siren is from the "Colours in the World" collection.

They aren't perfect dupes but are really close.
Luxurious Indigo is more sheer but the shimmer is stronger.

In direct sunlight

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