About Me

Hello everyone!

My name is Lisa, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Italy.

My No.1 passion is Asia and I already have a blog where I share my passion for Asia with other people.

I decided to open this blog because I really like to wear nail polish and I see in a lot of Japanese magazines really wonderful nails (this is the link to a fantastic blog where you can find different kinds of Japanese magazines about nails but also celebrities, fashion, etc.)

The nails in those magazines are almost all fake and really complicated. So I tried to obtain the same effects on my natural nails at home, without spending a lot of money in nails bars.

I just want to share my experiments and knowledge with other people. Some of my nail creations are really easy and simple, others are a bit more complicated. I take my inspiration from magazines, music videos, album covers and everything around me.

This is my YouTube Channel where you can find my videos.

This is my e-mail: lisaworld88@hotmail.it
You contact me for questions, requests or anything else!

Hope this blog can be useful to you!

A 14 years old web designer from Kairouan, Tunisia. And then you write some more information about yourself like this to fill out the space that is left.

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  1. hahaha, lisa, i read all your blog! i'm sorry for my misunderstanding, i have 14 years and i really love your blog. it's very awkward to post a comment in a old post, hahahaha. once more time, thank you for gorgeous manis, i love them all! thank you for share your knowledge about nail arts! you're a nice person! ~