Here is my new pedi.

The result is different from what I planned but I really like it.

What you need: a thin brush.


  • Base Coat: Deborah 7 Days Long No.00
  • Blu: COLLISTAR No. 44 BLU
  • White: KIKO No. 101
  • Glitter Gold: KIKO No. 164

How to:

  1. 02b Apply a base coat.
  2. 03b Draw the stripes. You don't have to be perfect. Be sure to put a lot of polish.
  3. 04b With the brush, mix the colors. You can go in one or more directions. Clean the polish on your skin. At this point I already liked the result but I wanted to add some glitter to make it more mettalic and eye-catching.
  4. 05b I added some gold glitter. It's really sparkling and it hides the imperfections.

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