This is a really easy Christmas nail art.
Unfortunately I couldn't make a full manicure because I cut my right index finger near the nail so take off the polish hurts like hell... and I don't want to go around with just a hand with polish. For this reason I will make "small" manicure like this one until my finger heals.
What you need: a thin brush.
  • Base Coat: Debby nail THERAPY smoothing base + minerals
  • Light Pink: KIKO No. 173
  • White: KIKO No. 101
  • Gold: DEBORAH Shine TECH No. 21
  • Dark Green: DEBORAH 7 Days Long No. 793
  • Top Coat: KIKO Extra strong & hard No.04
How to:
  1. Apply your base coat.
  2. Apply a light pink polish. Actually I don't like this color combination, I think using a more neutral tone would be better. You can use a nude/beige polish or a gold one (just be sure it's sheer.)
  3. With the white polish cover the nail leaving a "V" at the base.
  4. Using the brush and the gold polish delineate the "V" at the base. Make the gold line longer toward the tip of the nail.
  5. Use a the head of a needle to make some dots with red and dark green polish.
  6. When the dots are PERFECTLY dry apply a top coat and, while it's still wet, add a star at the top of the tree and sone flat glitter on the dots.

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