A very cute and girly nail art. Perfect for spring.

What you need: a really thin brush. I use an old eyeliner brush.


  • Base Coat: Broadway Nail Care No. 04
  • Glitter Pink: RIMMEL 60 Seconds Vinyl Stars No. 631 STARLET
  • Pink: Broadway Extra Color No. 03
  • Dark Pink: RIMMEL Lycra PRO No. 402 URBAN PURPLE
  • Top Coat: Deborah 7 Days Long No.00

How to:
  1. 001a1 Put on your base coat.
  2. 001b1 Put on a coat of a glitter pink.
  3. 001c1 Paint about 1/3 of your nail with a bright pink.
  4. 001d1 Draw a dark pink line with a thin brush.
  5. 001e1 Apply your top coat.


Here is the final result.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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