This is a nail art I did some times ago so I don't have a lot of pictures.

I saw this nail art in a magazine. I modified it a little and made it on my hands.

What you need: a thin brush, gold stars.



  • Base Coat: Broadway Nail Care No. 04
  • White: Deborah NAIL space French Manicure Kit
  • Blue: COLLISTAR No. 44 BLU
  • Red: RIMMEL Lycra PRO No. 323 RIVIERA RED
  • Top Coat: Deborah 7 Days Long No.00

How to:

  1. 02b Put on your base coat.
  2. 03b Put on a coat of white. Put on a 2nd coat if needed.
  3. 04b Paint the tip of your nail with the blue polish.
  4. 05b When the blue is dry, take the little brush and draw two thin lines under the tip.
  5. 06b Add a small gold star and apply your top coat.

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