This picture didn't came out really well. In reality the nails are better and more sparkling.

What you need: clear glitter. I used Gütermann Creativ Glitter Extra Fine Iris2.



  • Base Coat: Broadway Nail Care No. 04
  • Light Blue: KIKO No. 159
  • Light Green: RIVEEL No. 121
  • Yellow: RIVEEL No. 190
  • Orange: KIKO No. 112
  • Pink: Broadway Extra Color No. 03
  • Top Coat: Deborah 7 Days Long No.00

How to:

  1. 02b Put on your base coat.
  2. 03b Apply a first coat of nail polish.
  3. 03c Choose a different color for each finger.
  4. 04b Apply a 2nd coat and then, before it dries, let the glitter fall all over the nail polish. Be sure to cover all the surface.
  5. 05b With your fingertip press ligtly on the glitter to make it adhere at the nail polish.
  6. 05c Do the same steps for all the fingers, wait for them to dry and then wash your hands with COLD water. Apply your top coat.


Here is the final result. When fully dry is really hard, in fact it takes a lot of effort to remove it. Personally I think it will be good for who have really weak nails.



You can also do this on your feet. I don't usually spend to much time decorating the nails of my feet, but this is a fast end easy way to have feet that attract attention.

This are my sister's feet. She changed the pink polish whit a white one, but the effect is still good.


This are my feet. I used the same colors I used for my hands. After the base coat and two coat of color, I applied a polish with silver glitter where I added a few extra fine glitter for make it more sparkling. At the end I put on also some rhinestones, a clear one and two pink (but these last two don't stand out to much!).


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