Kpop Nails | G.NA's TOP GIRL Inspired Nails

This nail art is inspired by G.NA's music video for TOP GIRL and it was a request. I'm sorry it took me this long!! Hope you will like it!

Step 1: apply your base coat. Apply a nude polish on your pinky, a white polish on your ring finger, hot pink polish on your middle and index fingers and black polish on your thumb.
-nude: basic [b]-
-white: basic [b]-
-hot pink: KIKO 283-
-black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-

Step 2: use a black striper to paint the shape of G.NA dress on the pinky. Make a black french on your ring finger and scratch it with a needle or dotting tool. (I used a dotting tool but it was too thick so a needle it's probably better!)
Make a nude french on your middle finger. Apply a gold glitter polish on your thumb.
-black: Deborah Shine TECH 30-
-nude: basic [b]-
-gold glitter: KIKO 164-

Step 3: add some silver sequines or rhinestones on your ring finger. Decorate the nude french on your middle finger with a black striper and try to recreate the same pattern on G.NA dress. (I know it's impossible so just go with random strokes!)

Step 4: for the index finger we will go 3D!!!
I wanted to create the same layered effect as G.NA dress.
I made in advance three "foils" of an hot pink nail polish. (*see the end of the post to know how to make them!)
I took the first layer, cut it slightly at the edge and then applyed it at the tip of my nail with top coat. I didn't apply top coat on the cut edge so it will not adhere to the nail.
-hot pink 2: KIKO 251-

Step 5: Repeat the same process with all the three layers and then cut of excesses.
Apply your top coat on all the nails EXCEPT the index or you will lose the 3D effect!
-hot pink 2: KIKO 251-

(*) How to make the "foils"
I used a tutorial made by Tartofraises
1-I took a plastic bag (the ones for the documents)
2-I applied a layer of clear polish of the dimension of my nail (more or less)
3-I applied a layer of hot pink polish and let it dry well.
4-I removed the dry nail polish from the plastic bag with tweezers and obtained a square of polish.
5-I cut of the excess and applied the "foil" on the nail with a bit of top coat.

You can also make your own stickers with this tecnique! It's really clever!

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