SAILOR MOON Inspired Nails {Princess Serenity Version}

Here the second mani inspired by Sailor Moon. The first one was inspired by the Sailor Senshi.
This mani is more easy than the previous one but the effect is really amazing! It reminds me a bit of a greek goddess.

Step 1: apply your base coat and a light sheer silver polish.
-sheer silver: Deborah Shine TECH 22-

Step 2: take a darker silver and sponge it on the lower third of your nails.
-dark silver: basic [b]-

Step 3: take a medium silver and sponge it on the middle third of your nails.

Step 4: take a lighter silver or, like I did, an ivory nail polish and sponge the latest third of your nails.
-ivory: Deborah Pret a Porter 11-

Step 5 (OPTIONAL): If needed sponge again the middle color to blend better.

Step 6 (OPTIONAL): apply a very fine silver glitter. This step too helps blend the colors together.
-silver glitter: KIKO 228-

Step 7: with a dotting tool and some gold polish make big dots all over the edge of your nails. To obtain the right color I mixed two different nail polishes.
-light gold: KIKO 307-
-dark gold: Deborah Pret a Porter 04-

Step 8: with a smaller dotting tool add small white dots below the gold ones.
-white: essence multi dimension 68-

Step 9: add some silver sequines in the middle of the gold dots. Apply your top coat.

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